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Pais Movement


Who we are


’Pais‘ is the New Testament Greek word for ’child‘ or ’child servant of the King‘

We are an inter-denominational Christian youth and schools work missions organsation, partnering teams of apprentices with the local church. Those apprentices train the students in the church to be missionaries in their local schools and communities.

Then together, the team and students are missionaries in their schools becoming a relational bridge back to the local church.

Our motto is ’Missionaries Making Missionaries‘. Our vision is that the primary mission of every Christian would be to advance the Kingdom of God and that they would be equipped to do it the way that Jesus modelled it.


Is from Heidenheim, Germany. She loves to make music and wants to lead others through this into Worship


Is from Staffordshire, England. His love for dancing and beatboxing lets him bring Gods love to others in this way.


Is from São Paulo, Brazil.

She's really looking forward to making a real and meaningful impact in people’s lives during this year.